Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts Galore

Before I became a mom I never really thought too much about finding the “perfect” Mother’s Day gift for my mom because she enjoyed the simple things in life. Til this day she loves a good book, a nice meal and a cup of tea. To be honest, I would totally love just an hour to read, let alone time for a whole book and a fabulous meal. She was on to something.

Now that I am a mom I realize just how important it is to celebrate motherhood. My own, my mother’s, grandmother’s and all my friend who are also on this journey. All of us are tied together with a common bond and its something really special when you stop and think about it.

I had so much fun picking the items for our annual Mother’s Day gift guide—so much in fact it’s brought to you in two parts this year!

Motherhood is life’s greatest challenge and greatest gift. Caring for littles is such a privilege that takes literally almost every minute of every day. But, we do need to remember to be kind and treat ourselves and each other!

I’ve always felt a mother’s greatest strengh is love, and worked to find items that embody that strength, love, ambition, and resilience. I picked items from shops that I feel value these same qualities. Many of them are made by mothers, for mothers.


Hot Mother’s Day Gifts

Part 1

Top Mothers Day Gifts

  1. Mama Bird t-shirt | @thebeeandthefox
  2. Personalized Stacking Bracelets | @madebymarywithlove
  3. Stay At Home Boss t-shirt | @hazel_ink
  4. Lemon and Ginger Tea | @teapigs
  5. Goal Digger Foil Print | @hellochelseaco
  6. Klix Klutch | EmpireCase

I just have to add this is the perfect phone case for busy mommas! It comes in both classic and bold colors to best suite your style. Juggling work & littles is a challenge, but it holds all the necessities. No more fumbling for your wallet or phone! So clutch- pun intended.

  1. Custom Child Silhouette | @afamilyprintshop
  2. Mother Bar Necklace | @rosemariejewelry
  3. Custom Mug | @beholdenprints

Part 2

Mothers Day Gift Guide Galore

  1. Fortune Cookie Bath Bombs | @nurorganics
  2. Throw Pillows | @shop.crmade
  3. Diaper Bag | @seaportstitches
  4. Ain’t No Mommy Hoodie  | @shopfridayapparel
  5. Mother Hustler Tshirt | @sweetees_
  6. Voluspa Candle | @voluspacandles
  7. Charm Bracelet | @reeseandrose
  8. Stationery | @littlelowstudio
  9. Personalized Jewelry | @motherdaughterjewel

Remember: “There is no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” – Jill Churchill

Happy Mother’s Day, friends!

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